§ Big list of Cardistry

§ Current Practice

§ Current Polish

§ Future

§ Bow to Stern: Single card sticking out: Chris Ramsay

§ Tenkai palm : pluck card out of air.

§ Bertram change card color change

§ Flirt Flourish

§ 3pac flourish

§ Card Spring

§ Next

§ Hiatus (too difficult for now)

§ Learnt

  1. Dealer's / Mechanic's grip (thumb left, index top, others right)
  2. Straddle Grip (pinky bottom, index top, thumb left, others right)
  3. Biddle Grip
  4. End Grip (two index fingers opposing each other)
  5. "Z" Grip

§ Card control

§ Long term

§ Resources

Eight kings threatened to save, nine fine ladies for one sick knave. 8–K–3–10–2–7–9–5–Q–4–A–6–J)