§ Contributing to SAGEmath

§ Development

§ Git the hard way for SAGE

git with SAGE uses different URLs for fetch and push.
[user@localhost sage]$ git remote add trac git://trac.sagemath.org/sage.git -t master
[user@localhost sage]$ git remote set-url --push trac git@trac.sagemath.org:sage.git
trac        git://trac.sagemath.org/sage.git (fetch)
trac        git@trac.sagemath.org:sage.git (push)

§ Getting the commit merged

The release manager (Volker Braun) takes care of it. A number of people can close tickets for invalidity/duplicate etc, but the actual merging is done by one person only (and a number of bots/scripts that help). A positively reviewed ticket with green bots and all fields filled in will usually be merged in a week or two or rejected (merge conflict, issues with specific architectures, failing bots). But it might take longer (too many positively review tickets waiting, end of release cycle).

§ Tending to the garden

  • Fix typos
  • Fix pep8, pyflakes, lint warnings. Try to simplify code that's marked very compliated by radon.
  • Fix code that's marked by lgtm