§ History Cheat Sheet

§ Crusades were a thing of the past by the time of the fall of Constatinople. (1453)

So the historian (Dr. Mario Philippedes) says on netflix's rise of the empires:the Ottoman empire. The crusades were roughly from 1000 to 1200.

§ undermine

Comes from miners digging under the walls. Learnt this from 'Rise of Empires: Ottoman'.
The mining under the tunnel for the offensive (the Ottomans) was by serbian silver miners. John Grant is the engineer during the siege of constantinople for the defense of the Byzantines/romans. He put barrels of water, and looked at the water ripples to figure out where the digging was going on. To quote: In pretty much all of history you will find a random British person, perhaps Scotsman involved in a war

§ decephalized

We need to clone decephalized humans and livestock. With thousands of brainless bodies kept alive on life support, you have test subjects for a limitless number of experiments that would have never been possible before. You also create a never-ending O negative blood supply and organ harvesting program. It the case of decephalized animals, you also get cruelty free meat. And that's how you bootstrap the program and port it to the human model.

§ demagoguery

The ancient Greeks had a word for our modern systems “demagoguery” which equates to charismatic liars manipulating gullible people to vote against their own good

§ laconic

Named after the spartans.