§ Noam Chomsky on anarchism (TODO)

§ Interview

What do we do with people who don't want to work or those with crimimal tendencies? What do we do with people's interests, do they deserve to interchange jobs? There would a general agreement between people who call themselves anarchists should maximise people's abilities to fulfil their potential. Another problem is that at any point in human history, people have not understood what is opression. Chomsky's grandmother didn't think she was opressed while being in a patriarchial family.

§ What is anarchism

Start with Rudolf Rocker.
Anarchism is not a fixed social system with fixed answers, but a trend in mankind that drives for free unhindered unfolding
These derive from the Enlightenment. Thus institutions that constrain such development are illegitimate unless they can justify themselves. Adam Smith extolls the wonder of division of labour. Deeper into the book, he argues that in any civilized society, the government must not allow division of labour for it makes a human as stupid as they can be. Anarchism seeks to identify structures of domination, authority, etc that constrain human development. It then challenges them to justify themselves. If you cannot meet the challenge, the structure should be dismantled and reconstructed from below. Anarchism is basically 'truism', which has the merit, at least, of being true. It's an interesting category of principles that are universal and doubly universal: universally accepted, and universally rejected in practice!