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GSoC VisPy report 6
Aug 24, 2015
2 minutes read

This will be the final update for VisPy while I’m officially under GSoC. There’s still some work to be done, so there are still going to be updates.

Vispy.Plot - merged

The changes to plotting that I’d worked on have been merged successfully! That’s a huge chunk of my GSoC work that’s been integrated into master. Here’s the merged pull request

There’s a few things left dangling out, (mostly code improvements that need to happen) which is all documented on this issue

Grid System

Like I wrote the last time, the Grid system is taking shape. However, there are still a few kinks to be worked out, which caused me to cross over the deadline :) Here is the pull request


A small change pulling the Viridis colormap from matplotlib was added to VisPy. The pull request exposed a pretty interesting design flaw in VisPy - the shader code for the colormaps doesn’t actually render to a texture - it creates conditional branches which causes a sharp performance decrease as the number of control points increase. I’ll try and fix this once GSoC ends, since it seems very focused and doable.

Odds and Ends

GSoC was really fun and interesting as an experience! I wish I’d set goals slightly more realistically, to account for unexpected events and lost time. However, I think I did okay in that regard, and I suppose you live and learn :) I sure did learn a lot, and I’d love to take this further.

I’m most definitely still going to contribute to VisPy - seeing the library succeed will be awesome. I have a couple of long-term goals with it, including porting core parts of the library to C/C++ for better performance. However, that’s all very up-in-the-air at the moment. I’ll blog about that as things get more settled.

until then, AdiĆ³s!

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