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Jul 16, 2015
2 minutes read

First thing’s first - I moved this from to I’ve had this domain for around a year now, but I never got around to do anything with it. The excuse that I was using was that “there is no space on my EC2 instance”, which makes no real sense when you think about it, since it was a fresh off-the-shelf Ubuntu install. It turns out that nginx wrote out an error log file into /etc/nginx/error.log that was a whopping 6.4 GB. Deleting that single file solved the no-space-left-to-hide problem.

Next was the HTML, CSS and all the other the shiny aspects of running a website. Having messed around with Hugo, which is a static site generator written in Go, I decided to use it. I really, really, dig Hugo. It’s simple, fast, and not at all like Jekyll with it’s byzantine settings. I’m pleased with it, and it looks pretty as well!

Now that we’ve completed the Websites part of the title, let’s move on to editors. I’ve been a Vim person ever since I switched to using Linux. This was a combination of two factors - the peer pressure that I “had to learn vim”. The second (arguably more important) factor was the fact that the only proper C++ development environment I’ve been able to get up and running was Vim + YouCompleteMe, a fantastic plugin by Valloric (Val Markovic).

Recently, I’ve taken a liking towards Haskell. Unfortunately, Haskell’s state of affairs when it comes to tooling is pretty terrible. The only stable environment that exists is haskell-mode for Emacs.

So, I set it up. Color me surprised as all hell, but I dig Emacs. It’s slick, generally fast, and is honestly awesome. The fact that I can browse the filesystem using Dired, use git with Magit (which is by the way a saner git interface that git itself), startup Python REPLs with excellent autocompletion, and all sorts of other nice features is enjoyable as hell.

I think the major mistake I made previously was to immediately install Evil mode, which is a Vi emulation layer for Emacs. I guess that insulated me from the “real Emacs” while making it easy to hate, since the two don’t fit perfectly.

I hope I’ll stick around with Emacs, since it’s this really nice environment to use. In fact, I’m writing this in Emacs. Shout out to Chopella sir who asked me to try out Emacs for the first time!

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